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Latest OTT trends revealed

30 January 2018

As the audience becomes ever more demanding, Streaming Forum’s one-day industry briefing spots the trends and shows you how to monetise them. Here’s a preview of some of those trends unwrapped:

European Market Dynamics in the Post-OTT Age - Join independent TMT expert Ben Keen for a look at the competitive dynamic for streaming and pay TV services and the key drivers for commercial success. How are European players responding to the global SVOD giants with investments in both ‘full-fat’ and ‘light’ pay TV services? What are the technical and business decisions separating the winners from the losers in an increasingly fragmented market?

Smart Use of Public Cloud for Live Streaming - Why are live events - and, in particular, live sports - ideally suited to a public cloud service? M2A Media has been working with Perform Group's DAZN to build a market-leading live streaming service that delivers 40+ channels of live sports events to subscribers in Asia, Europe, and North America.  Marina Kalkanis (left), CEO of M2A Media and Alasdair Kennedy, Head of Video Architecture at Perform Group discuss growing a subscriber base in the challenging world that is OTT live streaming.

Using Analytics to Identify and Counteract User Churn - In recent years user churn, and how to prevent it, has been at the forefront of business intelligence, with companies suffering an average loss of $243 per year for every customer that gets away. Combatting churn is a high-return investment: a 5% boost in customer retention rates correlates with an average 25% increase in profits.  Join Marc Maycas, VP of Product Solutions at Nice People at Work to identify behavioural KPIs that alert video services to users at risk of churning, and share experiences and strategies to build strong user engagement.

AI Video Analysis Applications in the Media & Broadcast Industry - Linear TV is no longer the viewer’s first choice, and the traditional meaning of ‘watching TV’ has changed forever.  Tommaso Cesano, Head of Business Strategy at Metaliquid, presents real cases of applying deep learning technologies for a semantic representation of what's happening in video content, and shows how to use this information to deliver new services.

Emerging Trends in Codecs, Formats, and Delivery Protocols - Okay, watching OTT video has never been easier, but encoding and delivering it has never been more complex. A panel of experts YouTube/Google, Wowza Media Systems, bitmovin, and Streaming Video Alliance help content publishers and broadcasters make sense of what HEVC, VP9, AV1, HLS, MPEG-DASH, SRT and more mean for workflow efficiency, video quality, and low latency.

The Impact of Live Streaming on the Sports, Media and Broadcast Landscape - Join The FA, BT Sport, and Grabyo to explore the emergence of new formats that are maximising the value of rights and providing new digital experiences for audiences, particularly with live platforms, and understand how they are affecting rights management, purchase, and distribution.

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