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How AI is changing live streaming forever

5 February 2018

We’ve barely scratched the surface of AI’s value to live streaming, and there’s no doubt that AI and machine learning will impact everything from content creation to consumption over the coming months. On 27 February, Streaming Forum hosts some of the industry’s current influencers and game changers – including IBM Watson, Amazon Web Services and Metaliquid. Hear their stories and predictions:

Game Changer: How AI is Impacting the Sports Broadcasting Industry - Exploring how AI is empowering sports broadcasters to get more value from video content, specifically through streamlining production team workflows through advanced content search and discovery, maximising advertising spend with contextually relevant ads, and delivering enhanced viewer experience with highlight recaps and instant closed captioning. Hear from David Kulczar, Senior Product Manager of Watson Video Analytics, IBM Watson Media.  

Building Intelligent Media Platforms with Amazon AI - Amazon has been investing in artificial intelligence for over 20 years, and many of its capabilities are driven by machine learning. We’ll take a look at how Amazon AI and Deep Learning services can be applied to media workflows such as metadata enrichment, image classification, live and VOD media processing, sentiment analysis, facial recognition, and content moderation. Hear from Lee Atkinson, Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services.

AI Video Analysis Applications in the Media & Broadcast Industry - Media and entertainment players are facing service and business changes as the traditional meaning of what it means to watch TV has changed. Despite being broadcasters’ most important asset, video content has been a black box, with no detailed description of what’s happening scene-by-scene. We’ll look at some real cases of how to apply deep learning technologies to get a semantic representation of what's happening in video content, and how this information can be used to deliver new services to the end user. Hear from Tommaso Cesano, Head of Business Strategy, Metaliquid.

Also at Streaming Forum: The Impact of Live Streaming on the Sports, Media & Broadcast Landscape - Broadcaster Streaming Strategies - Building an HTML5 Video Workflow - Smart Use of Public Cloud for Live Streaming - Emerging Trends in Codecs, Formats & Delivery Protocols - European Market Dynamics in the Post-OTT Age - Using Analytics to Identify & Counteract User Churn - Live Streaming at the English Football League - The Future of OTT Services

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