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23 & 24 February 2016 | ExCel London

Tuesday 23 February 2016

09.15 - 09.30

Welcome from Programme Director

09.30 - 10.10

Keynote: Bringing the Best of Both Worlds: Broadcast’s resilience and IP’s flexibility for ITV’s streaming services

Along with the growth of consumption of linear and live content, as well as VOD on connected platforms and mobile devices, the audience's expectations of a 'like broadcast' experience are also increasing. ITV's ever-popular TV channels are integrated into the heart of the ITV Hub as a seamless service alongside catch-up content, and are increasingly syndicated to other IP-based platform operators. This presentation outlines some of the developments ITV has been undertaking to its channel streaming infrastructure to bring best practice in resilience from the broadcast domain and speed to market from the IP domain.

Tom Griffiths, Director of Broadcast & Distribution Technology, Technology - ITV
10.10 - 10.55

The Ins and Outs of Live Video

You get one shot at a live event. Everything – from the video and audio quality to the delivery to the player functionality to social media integration – must work seamlessly or viewers won't stick around. Video leaders share their wisdom on how to produce and manage live webcasts of all sizes, whether it's a school football match, theatre production, concert, or top flight sporting event.

Moderator: Ofer Shayo, VP & General Manager, EMEA - Kultura
Matt Parker, Director Business Development - Edgeware
Larry Gale, Head of Production Network - PUSH, UK
Phil Haggar, Founder and Director - Jukwa
Phil Medway, Head of Live - Cherryduck
11.00 - 11.30

Coffee in the Streaming Forum Pavilion

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11.30 - 11.55

Case Study: Live Streaming the UK General Election

2015 saw a paradigm shift in live broadcasting when Sky News partnered LiveU for its coverage of the UK general election: the broadcaster delivered 138 live IP feeds from 150 key counts and constituencies countrywide using cellular uplinking technology. This session explores this major project from every angle.

Richard Pattison, Deputy Head of News Technology - Sky News
Ronen Artman, VP of Marketing - LiveU

Maximising the Value of Social Video

A detailed look at how social output can be improved through the use of real-time video content, optimised for various platforms appropriate for a mobile/ millennial audience. This session explores the key platforms, formats, and channels for driving content discovery and distribution, including real-time and vertical video.

Gareth Capon, CEO - Grabyo, UK
12.00 - 12.25

Case Study: Live Streaming the Football League

In June 2015 StreamAMG launched 89 video-based websites - one for each of the Football League's clubs. Over the following three months subscriptions to the site grew by over 30%, driven by better video quality, reliability and delivery to multiple devices. This session looks at the combination of cloud services, CDN, coding and infrastructure behind the project's success - and what the future holds.

Duncan Burbidge, CEO - StreamAMG, UK

Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live: The Future of Live Streaming?

The session looks at the rapid evolution of new streaming apps such as Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live and how they are changing both brand webcasting and video on social media. The panellists gaze into their crystal balls for a view on how these apps will develop and how they will change the landscape, and share their experience of real world projects and data on how viewers interact with social webcasts.

Jake Ward, Business Development Director - Groovy Gecko
Will Harvey, Innovation Lead - VCCP
Tracey Cousins, Senior Account Director - Elvis Communications
Michael Consagra, Strategist - Momentum Worldwide
12.30 - 13.45

Lunch in the Streaming Forum Pavilion

13.45 - 14.25

Live Streaming Through the Cloud

Live and near-live streaming of broadcast-quality video content over IP networks with low start-up delays and glitch-free experiences has traditionally required expensive and specially-provisioned infrastructure. This session explores how media companies can achieve long-distance ingest, remote playout, and even distribution of live video to playout systems via the cloud. 

Michelle Munson, Co-Founder & CEO - Eluvio
14.30 - 14.55

Upping the Wow Factor: Making Live Experiences More Engaging with the Second Screen

You've got the exclusive content, you're ready to start your live event, but you need something extra, something special, to expand your content experience and take it to the next level. That something is the second screen. With a powerful application, big data, social networking and more, you can keep your audience focused on your event and not their email.

Jason Thibeault, Sr. Director, Content Marketing - Limelight Networks

Roundtable 1: MPEG-DASH vs. HLS

There's lots of talk around the MPEG-DASH standard. So how come most publishers are still using HLS? Share your thoughts and experiences, and ask questions of your peers at this free-wheeling discussion about the pros and cons of DASH vs. HLS. 

Moderator: Chris Knowlton, Chief Evangelist - Panopto
15.00 - 15.30

Tea in the Streaming Forum Pavilion

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15.30 - 15.55

Optimising Live Streaming Experiences

Optimised live services get up to 50% more consumption time and viewers are 34% more likely to return to your site for a live stream next time. The session reviews practical cases and KPIs, the big difference dynamic CDN switching makes to a live service, and examples of tools to analyse and optimise streaming services to make them perform at their best. 

Alberto Gomez, VP of Product - Nice People At Work

Roundtable 2: Software vs Hardware Encoding

We've seen a big push towards software encoding in the past year, but hardware encoding still has its place. Which approach do you use, and when? Share your experiences, learn from your peers, and join the debate at this unique roundtable session.

Moderator: Jason Thibeault, Sr. Director, Content Marketing - Limelight Networks
16.00 - 16.45

The UK: Pioneering Multicast and Building Real Networks that Scale to Live Broadcast-Size Audiences

In three short case studies followed by a fireside chat, we look at the service challenges that multicast seeks to address, review its sometimes difficult evolution, and reveal how several UK initiatives have pioneered and proven its value in helping to scale online content delivery to broadcast audiences.

Dom Robinson, Director and Creative Firestarter - id3as Contributing Editor,, UK
Dr Simon Jones, Chief IPTV Architect, Technology, Service and Operations - BT
Sean Grant, Network Strategy Analyst - EE
16.45 - 18.00

Drinks reception in the Streaming Forum Pavilion

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