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23 & 24 February 2016 | ExCel London

Wednesday 24 February 2016

09.15 - 09.30

Welcome from the Conference Chair

09.30 - 10.10

Keynote - Blurred Lines: The Convergence of Broadcast and Digital Inside the NFL

From the preseason to the Super Bowl, the NFL is making it easy for fans to watch all the action wherever they want on the device of their choice. The League has been offering live streaming of games to all major connected OTT and mobile devices. This presentation offers a look at how the NFL has embraced digital as a complement to its successful broadcast game, which is growing internationally with three games from London's Wembley Stadium.

Shannon Rutherford, Director of Digital Media Video Operations - NFL
10.10 - 10.55

The Future of Live Streaming

Viewers today demand instant-on, HD streaming of live events. What will they demand in the future? 4K? 8K? HDR? VR? Our panel of experts bring their knowledge of the past and present to bear as they make predictions about what viewers will expect in five or ten years, and which content types, technologies, and monetisation models the live streaming industry must embrace to meet those expectations.

Moderator: Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, CMO - Norsk
Steve Miller-Jones, Vice President of Edge Strategy & Solution Architecture - Limelight Networks
Tom Hancock, General Manager -, USA
Shannon Rutherford, Director of Digital Media Video Operations - NFL
David Thorpe, Head of YouTube Technology Solutions, EMEA - Google, UK
Paul Gillooly, Director of Emerging Products - MTG
11.00 - 11.30

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11.30 - 12.25

Dynamic Ad Insertion: Addressable Advertising at TV Scale

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) allows moving the complexity associated with in-video ad insertion from the player/device into the cloud. Stitching ads into the stream serverside guarantees a seamless, TV-like user experience whilst keeping the advantages of 1:1 addressability of digital advertising. This extended session aims to share Google’s experience working with broadcasters implementing DAI into their distribution workflow and discuss some of the challenges this technology is facing.

David Uhlmann, Video Solutions Consultant - Google
Robert Curwen, Video Solutions Lead, Partner Business Solutions, EMEA - Google, UK
11.30 - 11.55

Case Study: A Live Streaming Odyssey

In November, London's Almeida Theatre brought together an army of artists to read Homer's The Odyssey from a variety of iconic London locations, some stationary and some on the move. The entire presentation was live streamed, with four ENG teams covering the entire 12-hour programme using a variety of technologies for acquisition and delivery. Find out how it was done in this innovative case study.

Simone Finney, Content Manager - Almeida Theatre
Scott Robinson, Director - 3xScreen Media Ltd
Sarah Platt, Co-founder / Sales & Marketing Director (UK) - Kinura Web Video
12.00 - 12.25

Live Transcoding and Streaming-as-a-service with Low Delay and Ultra-High Quality of Experience

Unlike hardware encoding workflows, cloud computing allows for flexibility and provides the necessary elasticity to easily scale with the demand required for such use case scenarios. This session describes how to deploy a transcoding and streaming-as-a-service platform based on open standards (mainly MPEG DASH) utilising standard cloud and content delivery infrastructures to enable low delay and high quality streaming to heterogeneous clients.

Christian Timmerer, CIO & Head of Research and Standardisation - bitmovin, Austria Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
12.30 - 13.45

Lunch in the Streaming Forum Pavilion

13.45 - 14.25

Best Practices for Building an End-to-End Live Streaming Workflow

Live streaming presents many decisions to be made for each step of the workflow. This session walks you through best practices for several scenarios from start to finish. We'll cover options for key workflow steps, including live event capture, encoding, transcoding, streaming formats, distribution, content protection, playback technologies and on-premises vs cloud vs hybrid.

Chris Knowlton, Chief Evangelist - Panopto
14.30 - 14.55

Full Stack Video: How Cloud Enables the Complete Video Platform

Today, video platforms are expected to deliver far more than just video to their audiences. The increase in the number of playback devices, codecs and protocols necessitates cloud processing of content for transcoding, analysis and storage. This session walks you through the entire video workflow, illustrating how the cloud plays an important part at every stage.

Lee Atkinson, Principal Solutions Architect - Amazon Web Services, UK

Roundtable 3: HEVC – Believe the Hype?

Just as H.264 has become the de facto standard codec for streaming, HEVC/H.265 comes along, promising drastic bandwidth reduction and the cost savings that come with it. Or can H.264 be tweaked to save enough bandwidth and money that there's no need to make the switch? Share your thoughts on the latest battle in the never-ending codec wars, and learn from others in the industry.

Moderator: Christian Timmerer, CIO & Head of Research and Standardisation - bitmovin, Austria Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
15.00 - 15.30

Tea in the Streaming Forum Pavilion

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15.30 - 15.55

One Size Does Not Fit All: Protecting your Content in a Fragmented DRM Market

The DRM market has changed considerably in just the last few months, and it seems harder than ever to find a single DRM solution that works across platforms and devices. This session explores the evolution of DRM, including EMEs, and discusses how publishers can support a multi-vendor DRM scenario.

James Burt, CTO & Founder - Vualto Ltd

Case Study - Global Underground: a TransAtlantic Partnership for Streaming Worldwide

Boiler Room, a premier UK music platform known for live streaming performances from exotic locations around the globe, and TourGigs, a live streaming concert film company in the US, joined forces at SXSW 2015 to deliver a scorching hip-hop showcase starring the likes of Freddie Gibbs and Ghostface Killah. They'll take a deep dive into that event and the challenges of live streaming around the world, vicious time zone differences, and keeping brand sponsors happy.

Casey Charvet, Managing Director - Gigcasters
Larry Gale, Head of Production Network - PUSH, UK
16.00 - 16.30

Live Streaming 360° and Virtual Reality

One of the biggest trends in streaming today is the dramatic rise in demand for 360° content. In this session a leading webcasting and streaming agency talks about how it is currently working alongside 360° companies around the world to enable them to stream that content live.

Chris Dabbs, Independent Exec Producer

Roundtable 4: The Holy Grail of Scale

As the audiences for live streaming get larger, so do the challenges facing content publishers. Join a lively discussion with colleagues, and come ready to share your tips and ask your questions about the issues that present themselves as live streaming events reach TV-like audiences. 

Moderator: Dom Robinson, Director and Creative Firestarter - id3as Contributing Editor,, UK
16.30 - 18.00

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